[6] Dragons 17-22 카디프 [5] 2017-12-26 14:00

Stadium: 로드니 퍼레이드 Round: 11

Referee: Andrew Brace

Dragons Dragons   카디프 카디프
17 Pts 22
15:15 Time In Opponent's 22 07:07
52 52
48 48
76 76
10 Minute Possession
24 24
2 Tries 3


Some changes ahead of kick-off. Anton Peikrishvili is out with Assiratti starting and Scott Andrews onto the bench.… https://t.co/pZcTk2bhN8

2017-12-26 13:02:45

Confirmation of today’s teams. Seven former @cardiff_blues players in the Dragons squad. https://t.co/WuVNFitq1V

2017-12-26 13:15:15

Make sure you come through the gates as early as possible like these clever supporters, to avoid the queues!… https://t.co/aQliAHHAdf

2017-12-26 13:45:37

Our head coach @bernardjackman doing his pre-match interview before KO 👍 #DRAvCBL https://t.co/jnVikEq8uQ

2017-12-26 13:54:36

We are almost ready to go here at Rodney Parade! Huge Boxing Day clash against Dragons coming up!

2017-12-26 13:55:58

RT @bluesman74: Hey it’s normally @Bigt8409 on the bottle!! @cardiff_blues @CardiffBluesSC https://t.co/wPdve2yQFX

2017-12-26 13:56:20

SOLD OUT | The Boxing 🥊 Day #GUINNESSPRO14 clash between @dragonsrugby and @cardiff_blues at Rodney Parade today is… https://t.co/EcxIrmaSQq

2017-12-26 13:58:40

Just two minutes to kick-off and @cardiff_blues are booed onto the pitch. A partisan crowd to say the least!

2017-12-26 13:58:48

Matthew Rees leads his team out in Newport! ICYMI there is one late change, with Keiron Assiratti replacing Anton P… https://t.co/c63ZJrbAWa

2017-12-26 13:58:55

Henson kicks us off, and Seb Davies takes the ball from the off

2017-12-26 14:00:39

1' Tomos Williams clears. Dragons try to play with a Henson long pass, but Garyn Smith intercepts. Anscombe hacks d… https://t.co/IBbiPtDY5i

2017-12-26 14:01:49

2' The wet weather is showing here, as Anscombe drags his penalty attempt wide.

2017-12-26 14:02:32

3' Cardiff Blues back on the attack. Rey Lee-Lo is bundled into touch, but Adam Warren ripped the ball in contact r… https://t.co/qJCOvyJ5wh

2017-12-26 14:03:31

We are underway at RP and Anscombe sets up for a penalty, he misses.

2017-12-26 14:03:34

4' Seb Davies hits the line hard, but his offload can't find Nick Williams and Dragons pounce on the loose ball 0-0

2017-12-26 14:04:17

5' Hallam Amos launches a high ball, but Matthew Morgan is on hand to win the aerial challenge [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:05:33

6' Knock on by Adam Warren as the home side look to play it through the hands. Cardiff Blues scrum [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:06:12

6' Adam Warren knocks on the ball after some neat play into the Cardiff Blues half. Visitors scrum (0-0).

2017-12-26 14:07:33

7' Cardiff Blues are awarded a free kick from the scrum, as Nicky Thomas is penalised. Rees opts to pack down again [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:07:42

8' Nick Williams picks up from the base, allowing Tomos Williams to clear down field. Pat Howard can't take it and… https://t.co/iiq9FsLY17

2017-12-26 14:08:53

Nicky Thomas, who makes his debut for the home side after replacing Fairbrother in the starting XV is penalised at… https://t.co/yeCYsZJhha

2017-12-26 14:09:30

9' Cardiff Blues under pressure from a long Henson kick, but Dragons concede a penalty from the breakdown. Anscombe finds touch [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:09:33

10' High kick by Tomos Williams is well chased by Navidi who puts a hit on Amos [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:10:52

11' Penalty awarded to Dragons on halfway. Henson goes for touch, and finds it inside the 22 [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:11:28

12' Dragons try the driving line-out, but it goes nowhere. Davies launches wide and Amos tries a kick behind but Su… https://t.co/PcShHnohrc

2017-12-26 14:12:39

13' TMO here to see if Hewitt or Summerhill got their fingertips to that ball. Referee says the ball was taken back… https://t.co/9JUPmtvvt6

2017-12-26 14:13:57

13' Dragons win a penalty from the scrum, and decide to pack down again [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:14:43

12' Dragons with the scrum just 5m from the whitewash, they give it a good nudge and ref awards the home side the p… https://t.co/UPixGtQ59z

2017-12-26 14:15:56

14' Dragons win a second penalty from the scrum, and once again choose another scrum. [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:16:14

14' Cardiff Blues are penalised at the second scrum. Dragons opt for another.

2017-12-26 14:16:46

15' Yellow card shown to Brad Thyer after a third penalty from the scrum [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:17:17

15' Gethin Jenkins comes on, with Aled Summerhill taken off temporarily for the sin bin period [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:17:54

And as the referee awards the Dragons the penalty at the third scrum, Cardiff Blues prop Bradley Thyer sees yellow (0-0).

2017-12-26 14:18:03

16' Ball comes out this time and Charlie Davies and Cory Hill try for the line but are denied [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:18:40

16' Huge moment as Sam Hobbs knocks on with a meter of the line. Opportunity for Cardiff Blues to clear [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:19:12

15' But as the ball comes out of the scrum and the Dragons go for the line its knocked on just shy of the whitewash (0-0).

2017-12-26 14:20:02

17' Navidi picks up from the brace, and Nick Williams gives Tomos Williams the platform to relieve pressure. Dragon… https://t.co/mbCGbBTKQV

2017-12-26 14:22:43

19' Seb Davies wins the line-out against the head and Anscombe hacks down. Hewitt runs back downfield. [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:23:15

20' Gethin Jenkins receives treatment here after a collision in midfield. [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:24:49

20'Heavy rain falling down here at Rodney Parade. Tough conditions! [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:25:57

WIN | Still time to enter our predict the 1st Dragons try scorer and win a prize from @SuperbowlUKNewp @friarswalk… https://t.co/iiFR9GuP9Y

2017-12-26 14:26:13

20' There's a break in play at RP as Gethin Jenkins receives treatment in the middle of the pitch. He is taken off for an HIA (0-0).

2017-12-26 14:26:54

20' Kirby Myhill comes on to replace Gethin Jenkins. It will be uncontested scrums for the time being. [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:27:51

21' Kick behind the Cardiff Blues defence is covered by Owen Lane, who is fored to run into touch [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:28:29

20' Neat chip through and it's a Dragons lineout as Cardiff Blues are forced into touch. Just 5m away from the whitewash...

2017-12-26 14:28:55

22' Dragons trying to go through the forwards here from close range. [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:29:10

22' Great tackle by Lee-Lo to swing momentum and force a turnover in the breakdown. Williams clears again [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:29:40

But the ball is turned over and with a kick to relieve the pressure Cardiff Blues force us back to the halfway marker (0-0).

2017-12-26 14:30:18

23' Great turnover by Nick Williams on the floor, giving Anscombe a chance to bring play into the Dragons half from a penalty [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:30:30

24' Been big pressure on the Cardiff Blues defence in this opening 25 minutes, but it remains 0-0 for the time being! [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:31:07

23' Another turn over from Cardiff Blues sees Anscombe kick to touch just shy of our 10m line. It's a successful li… https://t.co/Pf2THDCr36

2017-12-26 14:32:02

24' Macauley Cook claims the line-out and now we drive upfield. Ball goes out to Nick Williams from the first phase [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:32:03

25' Dragons win a penalty from the breakdown. Anscombe will put his jersey back on after playing the last couple of… https://t.co/VyI3rRnGcK

2017-12-26 14:33:12

26' Huge steal from Brad Thyer after returning from the sin bin. Anscombe counters, and feeds to Matthew Morgan on… https://t.co/FIkLbsXp2g

2017-12-26 14:34:46

27' Hewitt knocks on from a high ball by Anscombe, and Cory Hill plays the ball resulting in a Cardiff Blues penalty for offside [0-0]

2017-12-26 14:35:54

28' @Gareth_Anscombe lines up for the posts....and opens the scoring on his 50th appearance for the region! [0-3] https://t.co/Tu1WOlUfRu

2017-12-26 14:36:45

27' Cardiff Blues are back up to 15 men and as the Dragons are penalised Anscombe takes the opportunity to kick a successful penalty (0-3).

2017-12-26 14:36:53

29' Good kick by Tomos Williams from the restart to find touch on halfway [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:37:12

29' Seb Davies pinches the line-out again! Great work by the lock [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:37:44

29' Dragons have possession again and earn a penalty as Matthew Rees is penalised for offiside. [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:38:10

30' Henson launches the ball back into the Cardiff Blues 22 [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:38:34

30' Dragons over-throw at the line and Nick Williams taps the loose ball back to Olly Robinson. Anscombe hacks down… https://t.co/LHosaD0gmx

2017-12-26 14:40:07

32' Perfectly weighted kick by Anscombe, but there is an awkward bounce for Summerhill who knocks on. [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:41:01

33' Penalty to Cardiff Blues from the scrum, and Anscombe will try for the posts again [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:41:50

34' Anscombe's effort just drifts away at the least season [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:43:08

Penalty to Cardiff Blues from the scrum - Anscombe misses the penalty kick.

2017-12-26 14:43:41

35' Matthew Rees charges down the drop out but Dragons react to run out of their 22. Benjamin knocks on as he attemps the offload [0-3]

2017-12-26 14:43:43

36' Anscombe brings play into the Dragons 22. Attacking paltform for the visitors as we approach half time

2017-12-26 14:44:48

37' Try time? Lee-Lo's inside ball finds Lane who bumps Henson off. The ball goes forward and Summerhill touches do… https://t.co/VtyQI2P8QW

2017-12-26 14:46:11

37' TRY!! Huge time to score with only a few minutes until the interval! Great work by Lane to assist his fellow wi… https://t.co/lR1V8xt6gY

2017-12-26 14:47:05

TMO checking to see if Cardiff Blues have scored the first try of the match.. and it's been awarded. The try scorer Aled Summerhill.

2017-12-26 14:47:28

37' Anscombe, now wearing shirt number 24 (!!!), is off target with the conversion [0-8]

2017-12-26 14:48:02

39' Tomos Williams is limping here, but will look to hold out until half time. [0-8]

2017-12-26 14:48:50

The tricky conversion is missed by Anscombe, but Cardiff Blues lead 8-0.

2017-12-26 14:49:23

39' There's a penalty for Dragons, and Henson will look to put his side on the board. [0-8]

2017-12-26 14:50:01

39' Cook is penalised for the high tackle, and Henson is successful with the conversion. [3-8]

2017-12-26 14:50:26

39' Cardiff Blues are penalised for a high tackle and Henson is going for a shot at goal... His kick is successful (3-8).

2017-12-26 14:51:11

40' Anscombe kicks deep from teh kick off and there's a great chase by Owen Lane to take down Dixon, but Charlie Da… https://t.co/awZRjnd5ql

2017-12-26 14:51:17

Half time score here: @dragonsrugby 3 @cardiff_blues 8 @Aledsummerhill the only try scorer here at Rodney Parade

2017-12-26 14:51:49

Half Time: Dragons 3 - Cardiff Blues 8 #DRAvCBL

2017-12-26 14:51:53

RT @engagesport: Great work by both @owen_lane & @Aledsummerhill sees @cardiff_blues get the first try of the game #DRAvCBL https://t.co/2i…

2017-12-26 14:52:21

RT @PRO14Official: Aled Summerhill has the only try of the first half for @cardiff_blues They lead @dragonsrugby at the break in awful con…

2017-12-26 15:01:01

Both teams are back out on to the pitch for the second half of the match... C'mon Dragons!!

2017-12-26 15:03:22

We are out here for the second half at Rodney Parade. Huge 40 in the first festive derby of this 11-day period! [3-… https://t.co/nVqBmIoLOI

2017-12-26 15:03:26

40' The restart goes straight out. Scrum Dragons on the halfway mark [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:03:51

40' Scrum goes up this time and Dragons win the penalty. [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:04:45

40' Henson finds touch just outside the 22 [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:04:57

42' Dragons on the attack here in the early stages of the second half [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:05:44

43' Line speed is putting pressure on the Dragons attack here [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:06:16

44' Steal by Cardiff Blues allows Tomos Williams to kick downfield. Henson returns, and Williams wins the ball but knocks on [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:07:19

SUBS: Lloyd Fairbrother is on for Nicky Thomas.

2017-12-26 15:09:57

46' Cardiff Blues win a penalty against the head from the scrum. Acrobatics from Howard stops the ball going to tou… https://t.co/73wRwA87PV

2017-12-26 15:10:11

47' Dragons play the advantage and bring play around the halfway mark [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:10:29

48' Charlie Davies with a half break before Nick Williams puts pressure on the attack and Hobbs knocks on [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:11:24

Dragons in possession as they attack hard to break into the Cardiff Blues' half. But we are penalised and our visit… https://t.co/7fFNE5yZ8X

2017-12-26 15:12:26

SUBS: Ben Roach has replaced James Sheekey.

2017-12-26 15:12:51

49' Another Cardiff Blues penalty at the scrum, as Hobbs is penalised. Anscombe finds touch with a fine kick inside the 22 [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:13:20

50' Davies wins the line and we drive in-field. [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:14:15

51' Lane and Morgan go close. We're 5m out here [3-8]

2017-12-26 15:14:49

51' Mer-Rey Christmas! Lee-Lo celebrates his new contract as he crosses the whitewash after Henson steps out of lin… https://t.co/9V4DInNG50

2017-12-26 15:16:03

53' Anscombe adds the extras! [3-15] https://t.co/SI44094L41

2017-12-26 15:16:44

Lee-Lo be scoring like...... [3-15] https://t.co/4yA9DW1Tlb

2017-12-26 15:18:15

54' Henson has the chance to add his second penalty of the afternoon. [3-15]

2017-12-26 15:18:47

55' Henson pulls his penalty wide. [3-15]

2017-12-26 15:19:22

Cardiff Blues have gone over for their second try of the match, as Rey Lee-lo finds a gap in the Dragons defence.

2017-12-26 15:19:34

56' Dragons kick to space and find touch but Tomos Williams takes the quick throw. Dragons' Warren is penalised for not rolling away [3-15]

2017-12-26 15:21:11

Anscombe converts and our visitors lead 15-3.

2017-12-26 15:21:32

58' Dragons once again penalised allowing Anscombe to find touch on the 22m line [3-15]

2017-12-26 15:23:09

59' Plenty of 'cheats' chants from the Rodney Parade crowd here [3-15]

2017-12-26 15:23:30

SUBS: Thomas Davies and Sarel Pretorius have replaced Sam Hobbs and Charlie Davies.

2017-12-26 15:23:30

60' TRY!! TJ! Lee-Lo manages to offload to Tomos Williams. Numbers on the left and Matthew Morgan delays his pass b… https://t.co/XjFMdnHEYl

2017-12-26 15:24:43

RT @BBCScrumV: A new contract this week and now a try for Rey Lee-Lo! 🏉 @dragonsrugby 3 v 15 @cardiff_blues 📺 @BBCTwo Wales 📲 LIVE: https…

2017-12-26 15:24:56

59' Cardiff Blues have gone over for their third try with Tom James the try scorer.

2017-12-26 15:25:01

61' Anscombe slots the conversion! [3-22] https://t.co/mxfuisaCFg

2017-12-26 15:25:42

Anscombe slots the conversion to further extend our visitors lead.

2017-12-26 15:26:26

RT @PRO14Official: Rey Lee-Lo has @Cardiff_Blues' second try of the afternoon. They're in control against @dragonsrugby as things stand.…

2017-12-26 15:26:30

62' Matthew Morgan can't take the bouncing ball, with the difficult conditions taking effect here [3-22]

2017-12-26 15:26:34

RT @CheskaAEvans: Absolute class from @cardiff_blues today

2017-12-26 15:26:37

RT @AnnaSels: Well it's taken a little while to get going but the @cardiff_blues have started playing well and getting over the line. Good…

2017-12-26 15:26:43

62' Damian Welch and Kirby Myhill replace Macauley Cook and captain Matthew Rees [3-22]

2017-12-26 15:26:52

SUBS: Rynard Landman and Jared Rosser have replaced Joe Davies and Adam Warren.

2017-12-26 15:27:07

62' Matthew Morgan has knocked the ball - Dragons scrum.

2017-12-26 15:27:48

63' Free kick Dragons, and they take the quick tap. Penalty advantage is over [3-22]

2017-12-26 15:28:09

63' Garyn Smith with good line speed to stop Ashton Hewitt from deep. Been a very solid performance from the centre [3-22]

2017-12-26 15:28:54

A penalty from the scrum and Benjamin takes it quickly bursting into the visitors 22...

2017-12-26 15:28:58

64' Hewitt tries a kick through, is charged down but managed to keep hold of possession to continue the attack [3-22]

2017-12-26 15:29:20

65' Hewitt runs infield and into the Cardiff Blues 22 [3-22]

2017-12-26 15:30:00

We have been pushed backwards but a lovely break from Roach leads us back into that dangerous territory.

2017-12-26 15:30:17

65' Lloyd Fairbrother charges over for a try. [8-22]

2017-12-26 15:30:25

66' Henson adds the conversion. [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:31:11

TRYYYY!! Lovely offload from Pretorius sees new dad Lloyd Fairbrother go over for the try and Henson kicks a successful conversion.

2017-12-26 15:31:36

SUBS: Angus O'Brien has replaced Gavin Henson.

2017-12-26 15:32:33

67' A deep restart from Anscombe and O'Brien finds touch near the halfway line [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:32:34

68' Owen Lane charges downfield, beating two defenders, but possession slips from his grasp. [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:33:22

RT @BBCScrumV: A bit of a slip but Tom James gets the try! 🏉 @dragonsrugby 3 v 22 @cardiff_blues 📺 @BBCTwo Wales 📲 LIVE: https://t.co/UJX…

2017-12-26 15:33:32

RT @Riley3Dale: Not the best conditions but @cardiff_blues looking good, taking all opportunities. Return of @Gareth_Anscombe a huge benefi…

2017-12-26 15:34:34

69' Dragons win a penalty from a scrum. [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:35:00

71' Lloyd Williams replaces Tomos Williams [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:35:38

71' Dragons have a penalty advantage here, as they look to fight their way back into this [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:37:10

RT @BBCScrumV: Lloyd Fairbrother take a bow, what a dummy! 🏉 @dragonsrugby 10 v 22 @cardiff_blues 📺 @BBCTwo Wales 📲 LIVE: https://t.co/UJ…

2017-12-26 15:37:37

73' O'Brien kicks the ball into touch inside the Cardiff Blues 22. [10-22]

2017-12-26 15:39:05

72' Cardiff Blues are penalised and AOB kicks to the corner... Big push needed here..

2017-12-26 15:39:18

74' Dragons are awarded a penalty try from a driving line-out, with Kirby Myhill sent to the sin-bin. Conversion is added. [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:40:27

PENALTY TRRYYY!! And Kirby Myhill is sent to the sin bin!

2017-12-26 15:40:33

73' Dragons 17 - Cardiff Blues 22 #DRAvCBL

2017-12-26 15:41:25

74' Hill can't gather thje restart and Owen Lane is on hand to pick up the loose ball [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:41:46

75' Anscombe puts a lovely grubber in and finds touch in the corner [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:42:35

76' Dragons clears to find touch just outside the 22. [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:43:44

76' With Myhill in the sin bin, Thyer will throw in. [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:44:24

77' Dragons have possession inside their own half, but Rosser makes a half break into the Cardiff Blues half.[17-22]

2017-12-26 15:45:14

78' O'Brien almost breaks, but Navidi makes an important tackle before a long pass wide goes into touch. [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:45:49

78' Owen Lane is awarded Guinness Man of the Match [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:46:12

76' Dragons steal the lineout and make it into the Cardiff Blues half and the crowd are up on their feet with excitement.

2017-12-26 15:46:24

78' Andrews this time to throw in. Straight to Thyer in the front. [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:46:58

But a wide pass goes into touch and its Cardiff Blues lineout.

2017-12-26 15:47:24

79' Superb box kick from Lloyd Williams behind Roach, who touches the ball into touch [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:48:09

80' Dragons regain possession as we are into the final minute. Penalty, with O'Brien kicking to touch well inside t… https://t.co/4cvlKosKGu

2017-12-26 15:48:47

But they clear and its back down into the Dragons half. The lineman has deemed that the ball has been touched by Ro… https://t.co/uEoCAahc7P

2017-12-26 15:48:48

80' Huge steal by Seb Davies again. And Anscombe kicks the ball dead for full time! [17-22]

2017-12-26 15:49:38

Just seconds left on the clock at RP and it's a Dragons lineout.... But our visitors have stolen the lineout ball a… https://t.co/rwX6z2pxxT

2017-12-26 15:50:48

Full time at Rodney Parade @dragonsrugby 17 @cardiff_blues 22 On to New Year's Eve, where we welcome… https://t.co/YZnKvvjWpH

2017-12-26 15:50:55

Full Time: Dragons 17 - Cardiff Blues 22 #DRAvCBL

2017-12-26 15:51:45

Don't forget that we play @ospreys on NYE at Rodney Parade, KO 17:35. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you buy in advance!!

2017-12-26 15:52:55


1 2 F
3 14 17
8 14 22