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3부리그, 승격 플레이오프 11/14 10:00 13 디야르바크르스포르 AS v 사카리아스포르 L 1-2
3부리그, 승격 플레이오프 11/10 10:00 12 [17] 에르게네 벨리메셰 S. v 디야르바크르스포르 AS [11] D 0-0
3부리그, 승격 플레이오프 11/06 10:00 11 디야르바크르스포르 AS v 에티메스구트 Bel. W 2-1
3부리그, 승격 플레이오프 10/31 15:00 10 디야르바크르스포르 AS v 아프젯 아프욘스포르 D 1-1


Matches played 38 19 19
Wins 17 12 5
Draws 9 3 6
Losses 12 4 8
Goals for 46 30 16
Goals against 39 15 24
Clean sheets 14 8 6
Failed to score 12 4 8

Wikipedia - Diyarbakırspor

Diyarbakırspor is a Turkish professional football club located in the city of Diyarbakır. Formed in 1968, Diyarbakırspor are nicknamed Diyar (Land). The club colours are red and green, and they play their home matches at Diyarbakır Stadium.

Historically, Diyarbakırspor hold the distinction of being the second club in the world to earn double promotion (with Nottingham Forest being the first). Domestically, they have finished runners-up for the 1.Lig (Second Division) once, in 1976–77, and have finished third place twice, in 1980–81 and 1985–1986.


Diyarbakırspor was formed after the merger of Diclespor and Yıldızspor on 24 June 1968. Their club colours were red and green; red for Yıldızspor, green for Diclespor. Nejat Cemiloğlu was the first president of the club. The club competed in the 2.Lig from 1968 to 1975.

Under the guidance of president Ali Kahraman and vice-president Şeyhmus Akçadağ, Diyarbakırspor earned double promotion to the 1.Lig in 1976 and 1977. Diyarbakirspor were the first Turkish club to achieve the feat of double promotion, and second in the world, behind Nottingham Forest.

In the second season of top-flight football, Diyarbakırspor spent five weeks at the top of the table. However, they finished in fifth place at the end of the season. They also qualified for the Balkans Cup. Diyarbakırspor were relegated for the first time in 1980, earned promotion back to the top-flight the following season, and were relegated once more the next season. They spent three years in the 2.Lig before winning promotion to the 1.Lig.

At the end of the 1986–87 season, Diyarbakırspor finished with a record for lowest points in the 1. Lig with 11. The club would compete in the 2. Lig until 2001 before earning promotion back to the Süper Lig. Diyarbakırspor spent 5 years in Super League after relegation in 2006. Diyarbakırspor finally played top level in 2008–2009 season.

What is left from the team has been reorganised and is playing at the Diyarbakır Amateur Leagues under the name Diyarbakır 1968 SK.

In 2010, another club was reestablished as Yeni Diyarbakırspor, competing in the Turkish Regional Amateur League until 2013, when they managed to secure promotion to the TFF Third League. In 2015, the team adopted Diyarbekirspor A.Ş. as their new name.