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17 Pts 13
09:09 Time In Opponent's 22 33:33
34 34
66 66
45 45
10 Minute Possession
55 55
2 Tries 2


GAME TIME! Excited to see a lot of these boys in action tonight as we take on Sale Sharks in the #AngloWelshCup #COYW #WeAreWasps

2016-11-04 20:14:27

KICK OFF: Wasps get us underway as Eastgate kicks deep to the right, with Willis and Rowlands giving chase. Sale clear short of halfway. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:16:56

1 min: Wasps first to attack but Sharks with an early turnover as they hold up De Luca to form a maul and get the put in to a scrum. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:19:04

4 mins: Sharks on the attack early on but two good reads from Macken in defence halt their progress around the halfway mark. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:21:21

5 mins: Wasps under pressure around the 22 metre line but Marcus Garrett comes up with a huge tackle that rocks the ball carrier. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:23:08

8 mins: Two greats bits of work in defence from Craig Hampson, who clears up two chips and gets us out of immediate danger. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:23:44

10 mins: One poor kick a-piece from each side leaves play near halfway with the home side in possession before they knock on. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:26:50

12 mins: Wasps get their first chance to attack and move quickly into the Sharks 22 through good carries from Thompson, Cruse & Macken. 0-0

2016-11-04 20:29:05

13 mins: Wasps win a penalty & kick to the corner. Driving lineout gets us within 5m before Sharks infringe again. This time it's posts...

2016-11-04 20:30:28

14 mins: PEN WASPS! Connor Eastgate gets the first points of the game from right in-front of the posts & puts Wasps into an early lead. 3-0

2016-11-04 20:31:35

18 mins: Sharks looking to hit straight back as they move deep into our 22. Penalty conceded and it goes to touch for the lineout. 3-0

2016-11-04 20:34:13

18 mins: TRY SHARKS. Wasps do well to repel the initial driving maul but the home side splinter and end up diving over. Converted. 3-7

2016-11-04 20:36:35

21 mins: Wasps with the ball around halfway, Eastgate gets his head up and finds a great touch on their 22 with a diagonal grubber. 3-7

2016-11-04 20:38:45

22 mins: Wasps proceed to hold Sharks up and Jack Willis turns the ball over, with a put in to an attacking scrum on the Sharks' 22. 3-7

2016-11-04 20:39:51

23 mins: Penalty to Wasps from the scrum and Eastgate drills us up to 5 metres from the Sharks line for the lineout. 3-7

2016-11-04 20:40:45

25 mins: Wasps held up at the lineout and Sharks manage to clear their lines. Wasps still with ball but now on halfway. 7-3

2016-11-04 20:43:38

28 mins: Sharks go to intercept but knock on. From the scrum Wasps produce a huge shove to win a pen and Eastgate puts us on their 22. 7-3

2016-11-04 20:46:13

29 mins: Sharks infringe again and Eastgate kicks us to 5 metres out for the lineout. 7-3

2016-11-04 20:46:58

30 mins: Third penalty in quick concession in Wasps' favour and again we go to touch for the lineout. Big moment in the game this. 7-3

2016-11-04 20:48:47

32 mins: Wasps falter at the lineout and Sharks are able to reliever the pressure that was starting to build. 7-3

2016-11-04 20:50:42

35 mins: TRY WASPS! Out of nowhere, Guy Thompson intercepts the 9's pass at the lineout and races the length! Magic! 7-8

2016-11-04 20:54:09

26 mins: Brilliant try from Thompson and an even better slide from about 15 metres out! Wasp now into a one-point lead. 7-8

2016-11-04 20:55:13

38 mins: Craig Hampson tries to better Thompson's score, breaking down the shortside on halfway, chipping ahead but Sale just get there. 7-8

2016-11-04 20:57:30

HALFTIME: We go in with a 1-point lead in an error-strewn 1st half at the AJ Bell thanks to a 60m solo effort from…

2016-11-04 21:01:45

40 mins: Sam James gets the second half underway as he again opts to go long. Wasps collect and Hampson clears into the Sharks half. 7-8

2016-11-04 21:15:10

45 mins: WASPS REPLACEMENT. Tom Howe onto the field for Nick De Luca, who goes off for a HIA. 7-8

2016-11-04 21:20:29

47 mins: Wasps under serious pressure now as the Sharks move deep into our 22. Jack Willis getting through his share of tackles. 7-8

2016-11-04 21:22:33

48 mins: TRY SHARKS. Eventually the pressure tells and Bedlow cuts through to dive over. Converted. 14-8

2016-11-04 21:23:41

53 mins: Wasps defending on halfway with big tackles from Garrett and Leiua. Sharks still in possession 50 metres out. 14-8

2016-11-04 21:31:23

55 mins: PEN SHARKS. Wasps on the retreat and concede a penalty for not rolling away. Arscott makes it a two-score gap. 17-8

2016-11-04 21:33:04

58 mins: WASPS REPLACEMENTS. George Edgson, Will Stuart and Jacob Umaga on in the place of Cruse, Swainston and Eastgate. 17-8

2016-11-04 21:36:43

61 mins: Tom Howe seemingly taken in the air but penalised for not releasing with no support. Arscott takes the shot but it's wide. 17-8

2016-11-04 21:39:47

64 mins: Wasps under pressure again as the Sharks break up to our 22. Good scramble defence but the hosts still with the ball. 17-8

2016-11-04 21:43:20

66 mins: Wasps finally with the ball as we attack around halfway but a handling error quickly brings a halt to proceedings. 17-8

2016-11-04 21:44:59

68 mins: Sharks kick in behind & a brilliant touch finder from Tom Howe gets us over halfway. Time starting to tick away though. 17-8

2016-11-04 21:46:50

70 mins: TRY WASPS! Jacob Umaga comes in on a brilliant hard line off Edgson to cut open the defence and scythe through! 17-13

2016-11-04 21:50:05

72 mins: WASPS REPLACEMENTS. Ehize Ehizode and Will Porter on in the place of Garrett and Hampson. 17-13

2016-11-04 21:52:14

75 mins: Time ticking away as Wasps look to close the Sharks' four-point lead and we're camped inside our own 22. 17-13

2016-11-04 21:55:19

77 mins: Time against us with the hosts in possession of the ball on our 22 metre line and holding a four-point lead. 17-13

2016-11-04 21:57:06

79 mins: Sharks now playing the clock as we near fulltime....

2016-11-04 22:00:38

FULLTIME: Sale Sharks 17-13 Wasps. The hosts take the win as Wasps can't close the gap. Match report to follow at…

2016-11-04 22:02:24


1 2 OT F
7 10 17
8 5 13


  • 15' - 1st Penalty Kick - (Wasps)
  • 18' - 1st Try - (Sale Sharks)
  • 20' - 1st Conversion - (Sale Sharks)
  • 35' - 2nd Try - (Wasps)
  • 7-8: First Half score
  • 2nd Half
  • 68' - 3rd Try - (Sale Sharks)
  • 68' - 2nd Conversion - (Sale Sharks)
  • 68' - 2nd Penalty Kick - (Sale Sharks)
  • 70' - 4th Try - (Wasps)